Nexus Click Safety Adapter

Connecting to you

Compattible with all dual cones

The Nexus Click Safety Adapter is developed for easily connecting the artificial limb with tibia and femoral osseointegration implants. The embrace part is adjustable to each other implant system on the marked if required by the prosthetist.

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Unrivaled Comfort & Ultimate Safety.

Welcome to a new era of OI

No Metal on Metal wear

Dynamic Bounce System

Exchangable Interface

Secure Connexion

Bilateral Usability

Exchangeable 0, 15, 30, Translator

Easy to reset Secure & Slip

Safety System, User Self Reset

360° Rotational Translator 0, 15, 30

For above and below the knee usage


Nexus Shower

Regain Power

Regain power with your Nexus Shower. Is your regular prosthetic leg not fit for water then use our Nexus Shower for your additional shower prosthetic

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Patient Specific Implants

Made for you

Losing an extremity is a life changing event, resulting in long and heavy rehabilitation trajectories. Today's sockets need adaptation very often to fit the outside of the stoma. Our technology makes a one time perfectly fitting Patient Specific Femoral or Tibia implant

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Endurance Tested

Welcome to a new era of OI