OTN Implants systems are used for permanent anchorage of an artificial limb to the human skeleton based on osseointegration. In a surgical procedure a titanium implant is inserted into the bone of the arm or leg and this implant penetrates through the skin. The artifical limb (prosthesis) is attached to this implant with a connector.

The OTN Implant systems are developed for amputees who experience problems with conventional socket prostheses. The OTN Implant system has been proven in several clinical studies and is available for both upper and lower limbs.

Advantages of osseointegration prostheses compared to socket prostheses

  • 62% improvement in quality of life 1
  • 80% longer prosthetic use 1
  • 32% Longer walking distances 1
  • 18% less energy consumption during walking 1
  • Periprosthetic bone growth 2
  • Better sitting comfort 3
  • Stable standing and walking 1
  • Osseoperception 4
  • Rapid attachment

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Safety of osseointegration prostheses

  • 2 years implant survival 98% 5
  • aseptic loosening 2% 5
  • septic loosening 0% 5

Safety of osseointegrated implants for transfemoral amputees: A two-center prospective cohort study. Al Muderis et al. J Bone Joint Surg Am 2016


Do you experience sores, chafing, pain, sudden loosening, fitting-problems, sitting discomfort, or sweating with your socket prosthesis?  Then the OTN Implants osseointegrated prosthesis could be beneficial for you. The OTN Implants system is directly attached to the bone avoiding the use of a socket.

More information on osseointegration see: www.osseointegration.eu

OTN Implants BV

OTN Implants BV is settled in The Netherlands and is manufacturer and distributor of both standard class IIb CE certified and custom made osseointegration implants.

Video of the osseointegration treatment in the Radboudumc in The Netherlands